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The final round of the Mixed Up Cocktail Competition will take place on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. Participants will compete to create a modern interpretation of a classic cocktail using five ingredients or less. The top five submissions will be invited to attend the Mid-America Restaurant Expo & Conference to compete live for a cash prize.  

Times TBD 

Winner receives a trophy and bragging rights.

Registration is $50 per entry. Paid registration entitles named competitors admission to the Mid-America Restaurant Expo. 

Please contact Shoshanna Gross at sgross@ohiorestaurant.org or call 877.265.7469 with any questions. 




Contestants may use up to five ingredients (including garnish) to create a unique, original cocktail based on a known classic.

  1. Contestants may use up to five ingredients (including garnish to create a unique, original cocktail based on a known classic.
  2. Contestants may use one compound syrup or cordial as a single ingredient as long as they are comprised of four ingredients or less.
  3. Contestants will be asked to identify the known classic they are basing their cocktail on and explain how their interpretation is a fresh or modern take on the original.
  4. The contest will be in two rounds.
    • Contestants will submit recipes for round one. Based on the description of their cocktail, the top five submissions will be chosen to move to the finals.
    • The top five finalists will be invited to attend a live final round of the Mixed Up competition (Date & Location TBC). Each finalist will have 10 minutes to build and present their cocktail to the judges. The competition will be recorded and played on November 2 at the Virtual Mid- America Restaurant Expo.

  5. Initial submissions will be blind, and judges will use a rubric to create a fair, equitable process for moving on to the finals. The same rubric will be used during the live competition.

  6.  Judging criteria will be based on:

    1. Flavor Profile (component balance and drinkability)

    2. Connection to Original Cocktail and Base Spirit (tells a modern story)

    3. Creativity & Originality (appearance, name, component mix)

    4. Speed & Ease of build

NOTE: Product and Materials for finalist cocktail builds will be provided by the Expo.

The competition starts here!


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