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Anthony Berin

General Manager, Social OTR

Anthony began his culinary career at the age of 14 in Cincinnati, working for Chef Michael Forgus, running and prepping food  and catering.  After working in restaurants through his high school years, he attended Miami University and gained a bachelor's degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs.  All the while, continuing to work his way up in the restaurant industry, eventually working with Chef Paul Sturkey.  After graduating, and with 8 years of experience, Anthony knew the restaurant industry was where he belonged. If he wasn’t in the kitchen, it was always on his mind, trying to make each dish better than the last. While attending culinary school at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, Anthony accepted the position of Executive Chef at Dandelion Market, where he remained for approximately five years. In August of 2014, Anthony and his wife chose to move back home to Cincinnati to be closer to family.  That same year, he signed on as opening Executive Chef of Son of a Preacher Man in O’Bryonville and stayed on to run the restaurant for 6 months.  
After successfully opening the restaurant, and with 16 years of experience, Anthony wanted to find a way to make more of a difference. He found an opportunity to put his experience to more meaningful use as the Incubator Manager at Findlay Kitchen, where he was able to help other passionate food entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.  At that point, Anthony joined a team of people who shared a passion for education and bettering not only the industry, but the community. Shortly after, work began on Findlay Culinary Training and Social OTR! It is an opportunity and a privilege to share knowledge, experience, food and to collaborate to help strengthen the community and the culinary industry. Social OTR and Findlay Culinary Training have been open and operating for one year and have graduated 40 students from the program. 

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Sunday February 23, 2020

Tech & Trends, 10:15 a.m.- 11:15 a.m. 


Panelist: Second Chance & Re-entry Programming 

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