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Dr. Melissa Briggs-Phillips

Founder Next Generation Behavioral Health

Dr. Melissa Briggs-Phillips is a licensed psychologist and adjunct professor. After going to school for what felt like forever, her degree ended up being her side hustle. Her full time gigs for almost 20 years have been in positions of leadership on complex projects. She oversaw the daily operations of a multimillion dollar National Institutes of Health grant that created so much data, people are STILL publishing from the findings. She was the owners representative on a 140 million dollar construction project of a research facility, ultimately overseeing all initial building operations from allocation of space, technology and security infrastructure to hiring housekeeping staff. She lead faculty from 12 different colleges at an innovation center as its executive director. She restructured an entire department of research at a medical center as a chief of staff. All the while, she never stopped working with sexual and war trauma survivors in her clinical practice. And as an adjunct professor, she mentored dozens of first generation college students as part of a personal mission to not let anyone experience what SHE did wandering through the halls of a university wondering if they belong. 


Dr. Melissa’s speaking and training content and style comes from her lived experiences leading teams of people, managing deadline driven projects and budgets AS WELL AS the newest neuroscience, empirically validated behavioral health treatment practices, and her own witness of its power to transform lives.


Dr. Melissa founded Next Generation Behavioral Health in 2014 with a singular vision. To provide therapy and teach and train people to behave forward toward their very best lives.


While she no longer stands in front of auditoriums full of college students, she considers it an honor to be standing in front of you here today.


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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Innovation Stage, 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 


Featured Speaker, NextGen Behavioral Health: Examining Substance Abuse in the Restaurant, Foodservice, and Hospitality Industries 



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